Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hi! Are you going to visit Indonesia or live here? If yes, these are several essential phrases in Bahasa Indonesia.  Not all Indonesian can speak english so it is important to learn Bahasa Indonesia:)

Here they are:

#1 How To Ask Price

Berapa harganya?
How Much it is?

Per word translation:
Berapa = How
Harga = Price
Suffix “nya” after the word “harga” can be translated with “it”.
You can also use “Berapaan?” to ask price in informal way.

#2 How To Ask About The Time

Jam berapa sekarang?
What time is it?

Per word translation:
Jam= Time
Berapa = What
Sekarang = Now
The word “jam” also means “hour” in other sentence. For example:

“Saya sudah menunggu dua jam
“I’ve been waiting for two hours

Per word translation:
Saya = I
Sudah = Have been
Menunggu = Waiting
Dua = Two
Jam = hour

After reading this post you will notice the differences of sytax (sentence structure) and logic between English and Bahasa Indonesia. You also notice in the third example that the question word "berapa" can be translated with "what" and "how" depends on the context of sentences.

Because this two essesntial phrases are asking about number, please read my post about cardinal number in Bahasa Indonesia here.


Wah BW sekalian dapat pengetahuan nih, hehe :D


Pengetahuan? Bukannya udah bisa bahasa Indonesia mbak? :)

Makasi udah berkunjung.


bahasa inggris sih ngerti. Cuma penggunaan grammar yang kadang salah kaprah.


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