Saturday, January 18, 2014

 You Just Made My Day

I didn’t write everyday
But everytime I write, you read my dear
Whatever I wrote, you always left comment below
You're just made my day, yesterday and today
With cheering, supporting

Whoever you are, any KEB member pass by
In rainny or sunny day
you always welcome.
Thank you for bringing smile
In my surly friendly face .
Thank you for supporting me by
comments or thumbs.

Although we haven't met
Something you must know
I never regret joining you.
Happy second birthday
Hope you always have lovely days.


Written by:
Frida Nurulia,
Pamulang 18 Januari 2014

Khusus untuk ulang tahun KEB (Kumpulan Emak-Emak Blogger) yang kedua.
Sekali lagi, Happy many returns!


Thanks for birthday wishes and prayers.
thanks for being a proud member of KEB.
A lot of love for you :*


Hope you always have lovely days too mak...


Happy birthday KEB and hope you always have lovely days too :)


You're welcome mak :)


Thank you for being with us at KEB, Mak Frida.
Senang bisa mengenalmu *peluk erat*


akk... sesak nafas... :D


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